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Simple rundown

GSWAP Phase 2 has launched.


GSWAP Portal: https://gswap.goma.fi

👉 Details:

  1. Only GOMA purchased before liquidity was removed will be able to be swapped — so if you bought 100,000,000,000 before the removal of liquidity, and another 100,000,000,000 after, only 100,000,000,000 will be able to be swapped.
  2. GSWAP Phase 2 has the normal GOMA V1 tax rate, and thus will reduce your received GOMA V2 by 8%

👉 Criteria:

  1. You must have bought and held GOMA V1 from before 3:59PM, 15 April 2022
  2. As announced GOMA V1 purchased after the liquidity was removed may not be swapped at this stage.

👉 Important:

- Be cautious of scammers and make sure that you use the correct URL.

- As there is no rush, For those who have questions please direct them to dev@gomatoken.com, not IN GROUP to avoid unnecessary technical discussions.



This is how you GSWAP GOMA V1 to GOMA V2 and earn your Additional 11% GOMA V2 tokens.


1. Go to https://GSWAP.GOMA.fi

2. Click on “Connect your wallet

— select wallet connect for mobile wallets, or MetaMask for desktop wallets (or other desktop extensions).



Latest GOMA Updates:

> Our litepaper was added to Gitbook and shared with our communities, and will be updated monthly with updates, faqs and deeper explanations of our upcoming technologies.

> GOMAsterchef v3 is complete, with a few additional modifications to the dividend tracker before launch.

> NFT Genesis Set is nearly complete to show our communities, we will release 4 variations publicly for comments. The Genesis set will be generative, so we will have a few thousand up for grabs.

> GSWAP (for V1 to V2) is busy being tested, and we are aiming for release within March FAR AHEAD of scheduled release in Q2+.

> GOMA V2 token contract upgrade is complete, and will be on mainnet on the 25th of March 2022 for review.

An update about GSWAP and GOMA v2 details will be released this week.



GOMA Finance

GOMA Finance

GOMA is a Hyper-Deflationary Incentive, DeFi & Staking Ecosystem on BSC #DeFi #Staking #BSC