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It has been a ride. Relentlessly challenging in many aspects.

We are going to keep this point based, and void waffle/words/press-releases. Nobody wants those anymore, especially now when you expect answers.

Table of Contents:

1. Overview

2. Team

3. Assumptions by the community & Explanations

4. Our Perspective, and Failures on our part, full transparency,

5. Whats next (including GOMAx)

6. Timeline



We have come a long way, but also lost our way a bit. In some ways tried too hard, and in some ways didnt try hard enough. We have gained perspective, but lost alot along the way.

In crypto you see the good the bad and the ugly, and most of the time the ugly comes MUCH MUCH sooner and projects fold. This is normal in this space, but we as a team continue to be hopeful and refuse to let even the biggest obstacles (such as liquidity 😬) stop us from trying. You can see that we are still here.


Circumstances, whether the market, incorrect decisions, slow action, etc, caused us to lose quite a bit of money along the almost 1 and a half year journey until now.

Due to this our team has been cut in half, including our production team (developers etc), in order for us to stay alive for long enough to continue to come up with solutions to our big challenges and not be forced to close the doors on our commitments to you.

This has caused us to lose traction, have quite a bit of internal confusion, and of course at the end of the day caused delays in producing what we would have hoped to have at this stage.

  • Our development team now consists of only 2 primary, full time developers (front-end and web3/blockchain integration), and of course available resources when required. This is less than half the full time developers that we had to begin with.
  • We have also lost a number of other team members simply due to inability to fund progress outside of the development itself (as this will show progress). So this has caused us to sidetrack some of our schedule, and focus on other parts that you will be able to SEE rather than just be words.

Assumptions by the community & Explanations

There have been many assumptions, of course many lead by misunderstanding OR lack of transparency. Some are simply FUD. Some are just the result of a project team being unable to deliver, or a project falling behind.

The one thing that we know for sure, is that all of the assumptions, and the results of circumstance, were not intended or expected from our side. WE as a team are still here to deliver whatever is possible, even if we receive death threats (which we have) or lose support or regardless of an act of god.

Some of the assumptions:

  1. “Liquidity was stolen”
  2. “Dean has left the team / abandoned the project”
  3. “The team was responsible for the hacks”
  4. “The team is cash rich, but refuses to continue”
  5. “The project has failed”

Lets briefly explain each:

  1. The liquidity definitely was not stolen. If we refer to the notices being posted pre-release of V1 liquidity, you will note that the liquidity was specifically intended to be used to buy-back GOMA, and that liquidity would enter the pancakeswap router.

- This is exactly what was done, capital was not taken OUT of the liquidity to pay anyone. It was literally used to pump the price and continue gradually buying using the AMM bot.

- The bot continued to build the price, and people continued to dump the price therefore reducing the liquidity availability as the price rose. This was cycled to manage value and price, and unfortunately gave way to the sell pressure.

- The proof can be seen in the logs of GOMA liquidity router on pancakeswap, AS WELL AS proof can be seen with the BNB sent directly to the AMM bot to buy back and burn GOMA. Please, PLEASE review both contracts and you will see that funds were not stolen.

2. Dean is 100% active in the process of rebuilding the GOMA brand, as well as taking a very integral part of the development roadmap and ensuring that it moves forward — EVEN WITH THE LIMITED RESOURCES as mentioned above. At this stage he is funding it out of his own pocket, NOT from liquidity and NOT from selling GOMA. He is infact on telegram with the community every second day.

3. If you think about it logically, why would the team stress as hard as they have, and be as available as they are if they were responsible for the hack. If Dean, or any of the other team members who are core to the GOMA project were involved it would make no sense for the team to continue to fund the project. Please understand, funding a crypto project is not a joke it is extremely expensive and would take much much more than was hacked to continue and even more so after a hack takes place (just maintaining sentiment is enough to break the bank).

4. We can assure you that our team have not even sold any GOMA. We have not sold GOMA, we have not taken liquidity, and we have had no opportunity to build any funds through GOMA since day one (except for the presale, which of course was used along time ago for production. Many of you suggested that the team took the funds, but we can assure you the reason we gained a lot of momentum and hype was due to the correct use of funds — of course more funds would’ve helped to maintain that. At this stage, we are all working out of our own pockets (we do not complain about this).

5. No, the project has not failed. Many of our solutions have failed, and possibly our plans have failed in some regard, and of course delays appear more like failures given the sentiment. However, a project has only failed if the team stops trying — that will not happen.

In the end we will continue to build solutions no matter what appears to have failed, and we will continue to cling on the support that we have even if we lose some supporters. But the GOMA team is honest, and in the end always does what they can to achieve what is promised — unfortunately it is generally easier said than done.

Our Perspective, Failures on our part, full transparency

We wish we still had the trust and support that we used to, it was our driving force. It was the heart of the project, and kept our enthusiasm alive.

We now sit in a position where most of our community have lost faith, and are against us due to unforeseen circumstances, assumptions, missed opportunities, lost money, empty promises. We know where we are, and why we are here.

We also know that to get where we need to, we still need your support (for all of our sakes). We need you to support us and we need it badly. Your support will keep the pulse alive, and drive us toward finding the right solutions which most crypto companies have NEVER had the challenges to face.

Almost +-18months down the line, we are facing those challenges. We acknowledge them, and are working as hard as possible to remedy them. And we will continue to work toward those solutions no matter what — but without your support, and optimism / positive attitudes, fighting us at every turn, it is hard to get creative and feel as though the GOMARIAN army is still behind you no matter how tough the battle (we are still here, no matter how tough this battle is).

What’s Next?


We made the BETA version live, or atleast accessible through the domain. This may seem small, but in reality it now focuses us on building as quickly as we can and achieving the initial results that we had hoped. It also shows the crypto world that we are still alive, and still building — which after 18 months is a feat on its only.

We will continue to add to it, and build on it, including the mintpasses and OG NFTs (which again, due to resources, were delayed quite badly — but are still happening)

  • We will also be adding a liquidity staking portal in BUSD so that OG’s are able to help provide liquidity, and be rewarded for it. This is complete, but will be launched with the new GSWAP.

2. GSWAP + Liquidity

The new GSWAP, which is designed to help create provisions for liquidity , will be launched to allow the purchasing and sales of GOMA directly on our GSWAP platform. This allows us to intercept the BNB or BUSD utilized within the swap, and send that corresponding swap value to the pancakeswap router in order to regrow and rebuild the liquidity to make it possible to buy and sell effectively on Pancakeswap again.

3. Volume and AMM

Once liquidity begins to refill, we will then re-enable the AMM for volume in order to get coinmarketcap, coingecko, trust wallet and others to begin evaluating GOMA’s pricing and supply again. This will show that the project is still alive and we will leverage this to gain more support in the market in our ‘MAKE GOMA GREAT’ again campaign.

4. GOMAx

We know that many of you lost money, and many of you hold GOMAx in hope of a “miracle”. We will be honest there are many unknowns regarding how to best approach the GOMAx conundrum, however our initial steps:

a. Create initial utility for GOMAx to stake and earn

b. To allow members to burn GOMAx themselves to gain additional ecosystem value, and reduce the supply

c. We will begin to buy-back and burn of GOMAx once the volume begins to increase in GOMA again, and slowly edge toward out goals to bring GOMAx back as a secondary ecosystem token that we envisioned to begin with.


We do not want to over promise on the timelines, we have experiences this time and again in the past, so we will give you an initial spectrum of ideals:

  1. Updates to — by the end of September we will have a number of adjustments, including ensuring that the mintpasses work, and that the OG levels begin to actually show your OG Level based on the criteria shown on
  2. GSWAP swap BUSD for GOMA, to add liquidity directly to pancakeswap on each trade — by the end of September
  3. Burning for GOMA and GOMAx integrated into — October/November
  4. Once liquidity begins to rebuild, we will initiate the discussions with Certik again (this will take support from the community — they are on standby)
  5. In October, if liquidity is reasonable & volume has reached a reasonable value we will reopen our CEX discussions. (this will take support from the community)

Thereafter, we will re-evaluate our timelines and roadmap. HOPEFULLY with all of the support of our GOMARIANS and OGs. The above is reasonable.



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