We have come a long way, but also lost our way a bit. In some ways tried too hard, and in some ways didnt try hard enough. We have gained perspective, but lost alot along the way.


Circumstances, whether the market, incorrect decisions, slow action, etc, caused us to lose quite a bit of money along the almost 1 and a half year journey until now.

  • Our development team now consists of only 2 primary, full time developers (front-end and web3/blockchain integration), and of course available resources when required. This is less than half the full time developers that we had to begin with.
  • We have also lost a number of other team members simply due to inability to fund progress outside of the development itself (as this will show progress). So this has caused us to sidetrack some of our schedule, and focus on other parts that you will be able to SEE rather than just be words.

Assumptions by the community & Explanations

There have been many assumptions, of course many lead by misunderstanding OR lack of transparency. Some are simply FUD. Some are just the result of a project team being unable to deliver, or a project falling behind.

  1. “Liquidity was stolen”
  2. “Dean has left the team / abandoned the project”
  3. “The team was responsible for the hacks”
  4. “The team is cash rich, but refuses to continue”
  5. “The project has failed”
  1. The liquidity definitely was not stolen. If we refer to the notices being posted pre-release of V1 liquidity, you will note that the liquidity was specifically intended to be used to buy-back GOMA, and that liquidity would enter the pancakeswap router.

Our Perspective, Failures on our part, full transparency

We wish we still had the trust and support that we used to, it was our driving force. It was the heart of the project, and kept our enthusiasm alive.

  • We will also be adding a liquidity staking portal in BUSD so that OG’s are able to help provide liquidity, and be rewarded for it. This is complete, but will be launched with the new GSWAP.


We do not want to over promise on the timelines, we have experiences this time and again in the past, so we will give you an initial spectrum of ideals:

  1. Updates to — by the end of September we will have a number of adjustments, including ensuring that the mintpasses work, and that the OG levels begin to actually show your OG Level based on the criteria shown on
  2. GSWAP swap BUSD for GOMA, to add liquidity directly to pancakeswap on each trade — by the end of September
  3. Burning for GOMA and GOMAx integrated into — October/November
  4. Once liquidity begins to rebuild, we will initiate the discussions with Certik again (this will take support from the community — they are on standby)
  5. In October, if liquidity is reasonable & volume has reached a reasonable value we will reopen our CEX discussions. (this will take support from the community)



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GOMA is a Hyper-Deflationary Incentive, DeFi & Staking Ecosystem on BSC #DeFi #Staking #BSC