GOMA in 2022

  1. Introduction & Review of the year to date
  2. The 2022 Roadmap (so far, and upcoming)
  3. Partnerships and Promotions


The 2022 Roadmap (so far, and upcoming)

So Far

We started off phenomenally being early on the designs, and the new website build, ROCK ON. 🤘

A large portion of our engineering team — especially the Blockchain and backend engineers — are from the Ukraine. Reality check: war happened without warning, and we worked closely with our brothers from the Ukraine (and their families) to leave the Ukraine to start temporary new lives in Austria and Poland. They are now safe!

Upcoming, what to expect

  1. GOMAsterchef v3 ( find out more here: https://gomafinance.medium.com/goma-ecosystem-roadmap-2022-90-days-bbfced1726fe )
  • Resolved Quantities
  • Removal of forced fees (more money for you)
  • More utility flexibility
  • Major institutional and Exchange partnership approval


Phase 1: Partnerships & Promotions (Roadmap)

  1. We have 2 new staking partners that we are negotiating with
  2. We are working with STEM to ensure that our NFTs have a marketplace as soon as they are done
  3. We have 1 metaverse partner that we are discussing opportunities with; at the very least to mention as one of our partners for the medium-term future
  4. We are discussing terms for the NFT drop with CoinMarketCap, and making sure it is all aligned properly with our roadmap and our NFT creation
  5. (Once upgraded) Visibility: Ongoing Campaign focused promotions on twitter, reddit, and telegram to build trust and awareness
  6. After the token improvements and Upgrade:
  • we are engaging with some influencers who are ready to take us on only once completed
  • we are able to bring in more investors through fee-less promotional tactics on a monthly basis
  • institutional players are willing to partner with us, and publicly build our reputation back up again
  • we become TRUE GOMA, and no longer the MEMECOIN-esq GOMA that is being held back by the memecoin mistakes made; lessons learned.



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GOMA Finance

GOMA Finance


GOMA is a Hyper-Deflationary Incentive, DeFi & Staking Ecosystem on BSC #DeFi #Staking #BSC