Instant 11% gain in V2 tokens (8% compensation for swap, 3% reward)

Quick overview: Why switch to GOMA V2 through GSWAP?

  • 🤑 You receive 11% more V2 Tokens/value through GSWAP than you would if you buy or sell through Pancakeswap for V1 🤑
  • V1 holders who use GSWAP to swap to V2 are eligible for our OG NFT Drop (the airdrop will be limited)
  • V2 holders will be eligible for more ecosystem rewards and staking rewards
  • GOMA OG NFTs will be part of the new STEM marketplace as a preferred partner; and V2 holders will receive further rewards within our partner’s ecosystem
  • Those who use GSWAP and continue to hold GOMA V2 get preference in all GOMA ecosystem participation events/features/products for the next 24 months (including PARTNER INCENTIVES / AIRDROPS)
  • The burn-rate has been doubled for atleast the first month, and community consensus will be part of the settings after month one. This will reduce the supply much faster than V1 amplifying the deflationary sentiment.
  • 30% of the unlocked liquidity in July 2022 will go to those who used GSWAP before liquidity is purchased (so only GSWAP users) (the remainder will got to buying and burning GOMA V2)

So, many people have asked the design of GOMA’s V2.

Lets keep it simple shall we.


  1. BURN
  • Burn can be set separately on BUY and on SELL
  • Burn is contractual, and destroys tokens out of existence on chain (not in a dead wallet)
  • Burn can be done manually via the contract
  • Redistribution can be set separately on BUY and on SELL
  • Taxes can be set on buy and on sell separately, and adjusted accordingly
  • ZERO taxes on transfers
  • ZERO taxes on utilities
  • The Marketing wallet is set publicly
  • The charity wallet, when used, is set publicly

Simple breakdown of the rules and structure:

  • GOMA V2’s token is designed to be 1:1 to GOMA V1
  • GSWAP is used to convert GOMA V1 to GOMA V2 but give you an additional 11% (3% incentive PLUS also the return of any taxes (approximately 8%)).
  • The liquidity of V1 will be purchased by the GSWAPPED GOMA V1 tokens, and moved to GOMA v2 to initiate trading.
  • Once liquidity is removed from V1 the price of V1 will be DRASTICALLY reduced.
  • We will set the price of V2 at the same price of V1 before the liquidity was removed.
  • There will be a 7% BURN on all sells for the first month of GOMA V2 in order to promote consistent and significant burning of the total supply. With this amount of burning we are likely to get through the supply very quickly.
  • The burn is contractual and therefore displays on bscscan as its total supply (before it was not contractual)
  • We will ALSO continue to do manual burns while we assess the growth of GOMA V2, as we must be cautious and allow as many GOMA V1 holders to move to GOMA V2 as possible.
  • In the first month of opening of V2 there will ONLY BE 1% TAX IN TOTAL for marketing to fastforward all marketing and community growth for GOMA v2 to accelerate burning and ecosystem publicity.


As we are compensating our GOMA V1 holders and rewarding them for swapping from V1 to V2, we have had to release “renounced” tokens from the last V1 supply in order to do so.

The starting point will not be more than 15% of the total supply — this is purely based on the use of GSWAP, and the number of tokens required to pair with liquidity (BNB).

and we plan to continue decreasing rapidly through continuous burning of unused tokens as we have already shown:

  • We have increase the burning percentage on buys and sells, this will burn any additional tokens that may be required to burn through trade.
  • We have also created a manual burn option where we can burn additional tokens to accommodate for unnecessary token supply.


14 April 2022


The liquidity for V1 will be purchased and transferred to V2 on the 15th of April 2022 at 4pm UTC.

After liquidity is added new buyers of V1 will no longer receive a ratio of 1:1.

July 2022

Once the existing V1 liquidity opens in July, the remainder will be removed and used for two purposes:

  1. 70%: to purchase GOMA V2 to increase the price
  2. 30%: to give back to those GSWAP before liquidity is purchased (so only GSWAP users)




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