GOMA Weekly Update 04 April

UPDATE: 04 April 2022

The last week has been extremely busy, with the ongoing pursuit of the launch of GOMA 2.0 (V2).

1. GOMA v2 & SWAP


We are there, we are ready, and we are excited to get GOMA 2.0(V2) kicked off and all GOMARIANS ready to swap their V1 GOMA tokens for V2 tokens.

  • After opening, anyone with GOMA V1 will be able to swap to V2 through gswap.goma.fi (still to be made public), and will receive an additional 3% of the GOMA V2 tokens.
  • Your 8% tax fee will be waived and we will cover it through the treasury as a show of good faith.
  • Staked GOMA V1 will be locked, and those who were staking will receive their GOMA V2 automatically (into their wallets) without having to incur the 16% tax of unstaking and swapping.
  • A snapshot will take place, from Thursday (the 7th), where we will collect a minimum amount (TO BE DECIDED BASED ON PRICE RATIO) of GOMA V1 before opening trading to be used to purchase the current V1 LP liquidity for GOMA 2 LP — as it is locked until July. This safeguards all GOMA V1 holders / OGs, and allows us to refuel the engines on liftoff of GOMA V2.
  • Anyone who sells GOMA V1 and does not swap through GSWAP will not receive their 3%, and will have to buy GOMA V2 directly incurring the 8% tax on normal trade.
  • Once we reach more than the minimum threshold for Liquidity we will open trading for GOMA V2 on Pancakeswap, but we will still keep the ability to purchase V1 and convert to V2 until up to 1 month before the unlocking of GOMA V1 Liquidity.
  • Once V1 liquidity is unlocked, we will do a community consensus to assess the use of that liquidity and RELOCK or further the marketing and CEX development of the GOMA token. (COMMUNITY CONSENSUS REQUIRED)

2. Some of the Token Upgrades / Improvements

  • The upgraded token contract will allow us to contractually burn the tokens manually or automatically, and this will practically destroy every token that is burned. This will cause our total supply to be the same on every website and referencing portal.
  • On the same note, we can now do regular burn cycles and increase the burn amounts on sells individually (but maintain the 8% total taxes), in order to burn our supply faster without increasing taxes.
  • We will utilize the token design to maximize buying through reduced buying taxes on a regular basis to allow for GOMA HOLDERS to continue to grow their bags, and for new GOMA speculators or loyal holders to be brought into the GOMA Ecosystem. (example, the first month of GOMA V2 will be TAX-FREE buying and the 8% will not apply; only to sells).
  • We can set the burn or redistribution values on buying and selling separately, allowing us to maximize the buy ratio against the sell, and also ensure that active participants in the GOMA community are always given preference (awareness) to lower taxed purchase.
  • The Marketing and Charity wallets are now made 100% transparent, and any use of those wallets must be accepted and approved by the community prior to use.
  • Transfers wallet-to-wallet are now TAX-FREE
  • Staking or any other utility that previously had a tax will now be TAX-FREE
  • No more value decay.

3. NFTs — the OGs

The OGs are coming along incredibly well, and our designs are looking incredible for the next phase of GOMAVERSE transitioning. We are nearly done with the first four variations as promised, and will share those accordingly, as they are released.

  • Once the first phase of the initial designs are signed off, we will use community consensus to design 50 unique influencer characters which we will use to enable the growth and publicity of our OG NFT campaign by gifting them to our favourite community-chosen influencers to leverage their networks.
Not OGs, but works in partial progress




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