GOMA Weekly Update — 29 March 2022

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3 min readMar 29, 2022


Where are we now? (29 March 2022)

Many of you have asked where we are with our roadmap. It’s an important question.

1. GOMA V2

V2 Upgrade has been completed and tested, as well as made live on mainnet for review by our peers/community (by the 25th of March as promised) and is currently in the queue for GSWAP integration.

We have split all fee %’s and taxes by buy and sell in order to have flexibility and focus significantly on driving adoption, growth of existing holdership and enticing new holders. Also all additional fees have been removed such as utility and transfer fees.


GSWAP has been designed and developed, and has just been integrated with our own ‘GOMA DEPLOYER’ wallet to resolve additional fees.

GSWAP is 2 months ahead of schedule as we decided that it would be needed in our GOMA V2 swap, and would be the perfect feature to bring forward to maximize value for our existing GOMA Holders.

The process should be consolidated and ready to roll-out, in theory, by this coming week (latest if there are no issues during development.

The swap process will take as long as it needs to regain sufficient liquidity but V2 will launch on pancakeswap as quickly as possible once liquidity begins to be rebought through V1.

The swap fee of 8% will be automatically covered, and an additional 3% GOMA will be provided to each person who swaps using GSWAP until a designated preiod before the GOMA V1 liquidity unlocks (July 2022).

3. GOMAsterchef v3

GOMAsterchef V3 itself has been completed just under a month ago, and announced to the public.

Testing has taken place and the staking contract works as per the designated purpose:


  1. Hold GOMA, earn GOMA Redistribution
  2. Stake GOMAx, fee free, and still earn BNB Reflections
  3. Earn Staking Rewards from the contract

Right now, the final piece of the puzzle is ensuring that GOMAx and GXDT are reconnected or re-paired (consolidated) on withdraw from staking to avoid losing track of the BNB Reflections.

6. Audit(s)

We have two auditing companies reviewing the offers right now Certik and Solidity Finance.

Both have agreed to our audit, and are awaiting final instruction now that GV2 and GSWAP are completed. We are looking to have GOMA V2 audited by Certik and the SWAP contract by Solidity Finance.

Details to be updated once we are in the OFFICIAL queue; and we look forward to getting this done as soon as possible.

5. NFT Genesis Set

The Original GOMARIANS (OGs)

We have designed a set of initial generative genesis NFTs called OGs (Original GOMARIANS). These are created to be your entrance to not only the GOMAVERSE exclusive offering kingdom, but also to be used an avatars in the Metaverse as a whole, and other exciting experiences coming over the course of 2022 and beyond..

4 PRIMARY OG designs have created for community review (although thousands can be minted via generated layers), release to be announced.



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